How to reach Jatayu Nature park ?

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How to reach Jatayu Nature park?

If you are driving by your own vehicle to Jatayu Nature park . The use the google map the best way to be guided . Search on Google maps for “Jatayu Nature Park” and google map will give you a route direction from your place to Jatayu nature park. How to reach Jatayu Nature park

Althouhg you must be surprise then here on this article . Here is the article we will not only answer the query ” How to reach Jatayu Nature park ” in kollam of kerala state but will give you the few tips and snippet of the Sculpture and the spot so that you can enjoy the trip well .

The very formost important about the sculpture is also known as the “ the statue of women safety and honour “.

As the Sculpture is landmark travel and tourist spot in India. The Jatayu earth center recive tourist from not only Kerala but from other part of India.

Even the beauty is glorified on Internet now the Jatayu Sculupture is also visited by the International Travellers . The Jatayu Sculupture is not only about the travel spot .

It also carries a rich cultral heritage story which is to be learned in our life Tha a bird Jatayu sacrificed his life to save the honour of lady Sita maa when Ravan abducted her and carrying to Sri Lanka.

For the knowledge of our travellers we are sharing the information of Public transport services to reach the Jatayu nature Park

Reaching Jatayu nature park by public transport:

The Nearest bus stand to the Jatayu nature park is Chadayamangalam. A traveller have to reach Chadayamangalam to reach the Jatayu Park.

There are Buses available to Chadayamangalam can be searched on the website of Kerala State road transportation corporation services.

There are also Local as well as government buses from various bus stand Kollam, Varkala, Punalur, Kottarakkara etc.

Below is the distance chart to the nearest point to the Jatayu Park .

  • Kollam KSRTC Bus Station – 40.4 km
  • Varkala – 30 Km

If you arewilling to reach the Jatayu Park by Train :

These are the Nearest railway stations to Jatayu Nature park. The trains can be boarded from these various railways Station like Mumbai , Delhi , Kolkata .

  • Punalur railway station – 25 Kms
  • Paravur railway station – 27.5 km
  • Kollam Junction railway station – 38.7 km
  • Kottarakara railway station – 23.1 km
  • Varkala railway station – 30 Km

Activities can be enjoyed at Jatayu Earth Center apart from enjoying the sightseing you can also make trip more memorable by these :

  • 6 D Theatre
  • Cable Car
  • Helipad and Local Flying Club
  • Digital Museum
  • Adventure Zone
  • Facility to have bird’s eye view
  • Ayurvedic and Siddha Cave Resort

The pleasant scene of God’s Own Country, Kerala, wasn’t sufficient, the State has now presented one more fascination that will most likely bait a ton of movement lovers.How to reach Jatayu Nature park

We are discussing the recently introduced Jatayu Earth’s Center, situated in Chadayamangalam, around 50 km from Trivandrum. How to reach Jatayu Nature park

A one-of-kind place for experience, the Jatayu Earth’s Center is the mind offspring of famous movie chief and stone carver, Rajiv Anchal. Situated around 1000 ft over the ocean level, the inside includes an epic, solid model of Jatayu, the legendary feathered creature from the epic Ramayana. It is 200 ft long, 150 ft wide and 70 ft tall, hence making it the biggest practical flying creature design on the planet. How to reach Jatayu Nature park

The inside, spread crosswise over 65 sections of land of land, opened its entryways in August this year and has just seen thrill seekers from different parts of the nation come and enjoy experience sports.

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